The Power of Memorial Prayer

In times of great loss, a memorial prayer is a comforting way to not only pay tribute to a loved one who has gone on but also the only way to seek the comfort that you so desperately need. The wonderful thing about prayer is that we are promised that where two or three are gathered in His name He too shall be there. When you pray alone - this does not mean that God is not there... because He is. However, something indescribable happens when you join in prayer with another person. This joining together to acknowledge God and ask for His peace, comfort and joy to fall upon your heart, paves the way for God to work as only He can. As you journey in your new walk, may you know you are never alone and may you never be afraid to ask for prayer whenever you need it. Most of all, always know you are never alone. God is with you and heaven is real... and one day you will meet again. Visit us here.