Commercial and Industrial Overhead Doors

Doors in general take a beating, and commercial doors are no exception. The tougher the doors the longer they tend to last, and the less maintenance homeowners have to worry with. The average commercial doors are made from quality materials, and are reasonably priced.

However, there are doors that are designed to meet every budget. Overhead doors are found in commercial businesses and work industries. The type of doors found installed on most buildings, depends on the nature of the business. Overhead doors range from a variation in height, depth, width and length, and in most cases they are customized.

Sectional steel Doors

Most of the sectional steel doors on the market today are insulated, and made from quality steel. These doors provide adequate protection against cold and hot environments, as they are designed to adapt the certain and sudden temperature changes. Sectional steel doors are most effective in industries both commercial and industrial settings.

These types of doors are most useful in warehouses, and storage units, where temperature and climate control are vital.

Roll- up Doors

Commercial roll up doors, especially the rolling fire doors, are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire. Fire rated doors are mainly used in retail stores, institutions, plants, warehouses, and other industries where insulation and performance are mandatory. Some models have a time delay release that offers an added degree of safety to ensure the control of the doors closing.

In restaurant settings, such as food service industries, a smaller version of the roll up doors are used on the counter. These halves or quarter doors are referred to as counter fire doors.

Security Shutter Doors

These doors are light- weight, but function as heavy- duty doors. They are perfect for industries where pedestrian traffic is high. Heavily visited areas in hospitals, pharmacies, and department stores have these type of security doors in place. They roll up or down, or side to side, to open or close. They are flexible, portable, and easy to install.

They are designed to save space in areas with limited spacing, and they are customizable to suit the need of the business. Optional operation of the security shutter doors includes an automatic push button or manual control. Click here for more details.

Advanced Performance Service Doors

These doors are used in industries where security, flexibility, durability, efficiency and reliability are more demanded than needed. Such industries include government facilities, food and beverage warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing plants and facilities, public and private facilities, healthcare industries, storage and warehouse facilities, shipping, receiving and loading docks, and industries where climate control is preferred.

Owners of commercial and industrial properties and facilities want the best overhead doors, which will provide them with the most services. Commercial overhead doors are computer designed and tested for optimal performance.  They are economical, lightweight, or heavy -- duty manufactured to meet the specific needs of industries and facilities in various states. The doors are available in a variety of sizes, styles and designs, and they are durable, easy to operate, and virtually trouble free.